I run the course Basal Human Biology which is an introductory course in anatomy and physiology. All students of dentistry, medicine and molecular biomedicine are enrolled in this course – in excess of 700 students per year.

The course offers a plethora of different teaching modalities, including lectures, class-room based seminars, anatomical demonstrations, introductions to light microscopy and virtual microscopy and laboratory exercises in human physiology.

If you are interested in contributing to the course and have a position at the university (from PhD student to professor), let me know.

Undergraduate teaching

I am involved in the following undergraduate teaching:

  • Basal Human biology for students of dentistry, medicine and molecular biomedicine
    Course management, exam preparation and evaluation, lectures and seminars

  • Pharmacology and Toxicology for students of human biology
    Practical exercise on cardiac physiology and the autonomic nervous system 

  • Heart and Circulation for medical students on their 4th semester
    Seminars and exam evaluation

  • Internal medicine (pharmacology) for medical students on their 7th semester

If you are a student and have participated in any of my teaching, you are welcome to contact me with questions or feedback. I do not keep office hours, but send me a mail and we can arrange a meeting, if necessary.


I supervise post-doctoral fellows, PhD students, master and bachelor student, including medical research-year students. See list of students I have supervised

Developing young talent

I collaborate with Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge (ATU), part of European Talent Support Network, where I host a series of workshops about human physiology for the most talented high-school students. We cover the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and the endocrinology over three workshops.