Olga Sosnovtseva

Olga Sosnovtseva, Professor 

Was born, raised, and educated in Russia and have spent most of my professional life abroad, in Germany, Korea, and Denmark.

90 papers in international journals, 50 of these in physics journals, 20 in biology journals, and 20 in physiology journals; 1 monograph, 7 chapters in books.


Nadezda Brazhe, Visiting research

33 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 4 chapters in books.


Dmitry Postnov, Postdoc

9 papers in peer-reviewed journals. 6 software patents.


Nikolay Kutuzov, PhD student (co-supervision)

6 papers in peer-reviewed journals.


Alexey Brazhe, Visiting researcher

30 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 2 chapters in books.



Evelina Nikelshparg, Visiting research student

4 papers in peer-reviewed journals.