12 April 2016

PhD Student Dmitry Postnov won bronze in the Edmund Optics Educational Award 2015

Dmitry Postnov received a bronze medal at the annual Optics Educational Award for his research in Laser Speckle Imaging (LSI) of renal, brain, and retinal blood flow for the purpose of adapting and improving the technology for physiological research.

Dmitry and his research team, supervised by Olga Sosnovtseva, are dedicated to improving the LSI technique for physiological research by studying the influence of various vessel depths and blood velocities in a more detailed way. They are especially interested in the study of specific blood flow patterns in the kidney.

With the use of more advanced optical setups, Dmitry’s team was able to study the synchronization of blood flow oscillations in renal microcirculatory systems at an unreached level of detail. Today, only a few companies offer LSI cameras for medical applications.

Based on his research, Dmitry is developing a device that could be installed and configured by medical researchers themselves and which would only cost a fraction of the commercial LSI systems available today.