Aim and goals – University of Copenhagen

Aim and goals of the Center for Medical Research Methodology

It is the vision that the Center for Medical Research Methodology at the Faculty of
Health and Medical Sciences will establish itself as the translational link in the chain of discovery and development of new treatments in the new Health and Life Sciences Cluster at the University of Copenhagen (Figure 2). The Center for Medical Research Methodology aims to be the academic ‘home' for medical research methodologies including those related to translational medicine.

All stakeholders (the pre‐clinical and clinical institutes, academic collaborators, students, industry) should be involved in shaping the Center for Medical Research Methodology and the professor and leader of Center for Medical Research Methodology therefore intends to start building up the Center for Medical Research Methodology by conducting consultation rounds with stakeholders to identify and learn from previous successes/failures and identification of barriers/solutions. Based on these consultations the professor intends to establish bottom‐up consultation groups in order to:

  • enhance synergy between basic biomedical and clinical institutes/departments as well as with industry.
  • ensure coordination between institutes, cores and all stakeholders.
  • establish and coordinate teaching and research training within medical research methodology.

Selected and innovative consultation groups will be encouraged and supported to form Task‐forces in Medical Research Methodology related specifically to their area of interest, but with the aim of sharing best practices.

Figure 2. Within the "new" University of Copenhagen where the Health and Life Sciences Cluster is established (dashed lines) novel synergistic opportunities for translation of knowledge to new therapies appear. The Center for Medical Research Methodology partnerships with other national and international academic institutions, industry and scientific networks and platforms will be critical in a globalised research community.