Funding – University of Copenhagen


The Center for Medical Research Methodology receives funding from a number of foundations. 


The starting funds, DKK 10 million, from the Novo Nordisk Foundation is invested in testing translational methodologies on a defined priority area at the Faculty, i.e. diabetes. By building a center of excellence in translational diabetology and a core for translational research methodology, but will not allow generalisation of the core support to all biomedical disciplines and parties interested.

Since considerable funds will be allocated to the scientific areas covered by Center for Medical Research Methodology from the EU 7th FP, EATRIS infrastructure programme, the EMRA programme under Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and national funds such as and the Programme of Excellence at the University of Copenhagen, applications will submitted for additional funding to be able to offer core services to a broader range of stakeholders and allow for involvement of a wide range of national and international collaborations.


This declaration of interest to the The Lundbeck Foundation represents the first in such a series of applications to broaden provision of translational methodology to strong biomedical research environments at the Faculty.