05 January 2016

Nicole Schmitt has been appointed Vice Head of Department for Education

As of 1 January, Bente Stallknecht, Acting Head of Department, has appointed Nicole Schmitt Vice Head of Department for Education at the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Nicole’s main task will be to secure coordinated educational actions at the Department. She will work closely with the Head of the Department and collaborate with the Department Management.

The new position has its foundation in the strategic work of the Department Council regarding leverage of the talents for teaching at the department and optimizing the organisation of the educational courses we are responsible for.

Nicole Schmitt says: "I am very much looking forward to this new task. In my opinion, education and teaching are core activities of the University - as is top level research. Also, research-based teaching, recruitment of young research talent, and dissemination of research to the public go hand in hand. Hence, securing course and teaching quality seems to be the key to solving the challenges ahead. My personal take on teaching is that I find it rewarding, inspiring, and a great investment in future research. As a teacher, I try to embrace the motto "learning should be fun". So if you asked me for a motto as Vice Head for Education, then it is "teaching should be enjoyable and efficient". The Department has great teachers, and I am convinced that together we can establish a good teaching culture, where our educational activities will add value to both personal development and departmental performance.”