9 December 2020

Two researchers has been awarded a research infrastructure grant from the Carlsberg Foundation


Professor Alicia Lundby and Associate Professor Hanne Borger Rasmussen have been awarded an infrastructure grant from the Carlsberg Foundation.

This year, two researchers from the Department of Biomedical Sciences have received research infrastructure grants from the Carlsberg Foundation – a total of DKK 67 million has been awarded under this instrument. In 2020, the Carlsberg Foundation’s board has prioritized shared infrastructure that will benefit multiple research groups.

The aim of the Carlsberg Foundation infrastructure grant is to support the procurement of research infrastructure, i.e., the purchase of equipment, register data, database and field trips as well as the establishment of corpora and development of research tools.

Professor WSR Alicia Lundby

Receives DKK 999.530
“The Cellular and Molecular Networks Underpinning Atrial Fibrillation”

Associate Professor Hanne Borger Rasmussen

Receives DKK 140.154
“A Toolbox of Optogenetic Probes for the Axon Initial Segment“

See the list of all grant recipients at the Carlsberg Foundation's website