8 December 2021

Six BMI researchers have received grant from The Carlsberg Foundation


The Carlsberg Foundation have granted 292 research grants to some of Denmark’s most imaginative and visionary researchers, including six BMI researchers.

BMI are proud to have received six grant from the Carlsberg Foundation for our imaginative and visionary researchers. BMI had a strong field of applicants. Both assistant professors, associate professors and professors applied and received funding.

Associate Professor Lykke Sylow is one of the 45 young associate professors who have received  a ”Young Researcher”-stipendium. The purpose of this instrument is to promote the opportunities for researchers to make their way by establishing their own independent research groups. Lykke has received the grant for the project ”Determining the molecular regulatory control of RHO GTPases and their mechanism of action on skeletal muscle mass and insulin sensitivity” . The project could reveal new drug targets for muscle mass loss and insulin resistance in conditions as sarcopenia, diabetes, and cancer to improve health span, quality of life, and perhaps even lifespan. You can read more about Lykke Sylow’s grant here

In addition, 5 BMI researchers have received grants for Research Infrastructure: Helena Safavi-Hemami, Trisha Grevengoed, Jørn Wulff Helge, Pontus Gourdon, Thomas Jepps.

See the news story from the Carlsberg Foundation, 7 December 2021.

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