25 October 2019

Pontus Gourdon receives Ascending Investigators grant from the Lundbeck Foundation

Associate professor Pontus Gourdon is one of eight researchers from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences who each receives DKK 5 million from the Lundbeck Foundation as part of the ‘Ascending Investigators’ grant programme.

Pontus Gourdon will in his project study specific membrane protein structures relevant to diseases. The studies involve cryo-electron microscopy – a special technique that makes it possible to study biological molecules. In the long term, new knowledge about membrane proteins is considered important in the development of drugs for serious diseases such as ALS.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have been awarded a total of DKK 40 million in grants by the Lundbeck Foundation. The funds are part of the ‘Ascending Investigators’ grant programme which, according to the Lundbeck Foundation, aims ‘to support established, experienced and talented researchers within health science to further their careers and potentially make a significant contribution to health science’.

In total, the Foundation has awarded DKK 100 million to 20 different researchers and their projects, eight of which come from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

Of the remaining twelve recipients, two come from the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen, four from the universities of Odense and Aarhus, three from ‘Statens Serum Institut’ and an additional three from hospitals across Denmark.

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