07 July 2017

Large investment in new concept for the treatment of obesity and diabetes

Obesity and diabetes

Novo Seeds has invested about DKK 20 million in a new concept for treatment of obesity and diabetes developed by Mette Marie Rosenkilde og Jens Juul Holst.

Professor Mette Marie Rosenkilde and Professor Jens Juul Holst have in cooperation with Bispebjerg and Gentofte Hospital described a set of new principles which may lead to the treatment of diabetes and obesity though blocking of the hormone GIP: “GIP has an effect on the fat tissue, which prevents fat absorption” says Mette Marie Rosenkilde and explains that researchers have already shown in experiments that it inhibits fat absorption in humans.

Mette Marie Rosenkilde and Jens Juul Holst are co-founders and advisors at the biotech company Antag Therapeutics, which with funding from Novo Seeds is working on translating the research into a pharmaceutical product.

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