29 September 2021

Ninna Struck Rossen will be new assistant professor at BMI

New at BMI

From October 2021, Ninna Struck Rossen will become assistant professor at BMI as part of the research theme Molecular Pharmacology.

Ninna’s research focuses on developing organs-on-a-chip using organoids, which are 3D, miniaturized and simplified version of an organ, produced in vitro. Ninna is a physicist and tissue-engineer, and her research has contributed to developing a patented, injectable therapy for creating new vasculature in ischemic tissue and providing an alternative to amputation for patients with critical ischemia. She has also designed in vitro assays capable of studying the initial steps in cancer metastases that are too small to detect in vivo, thereby providing pre-clinical assessment of anti-metastasis treatments. Ninna uses tissue-specific extracellular matrices reconstituted into hydrogels to recreate organ-specific microenvironments that permit a more accurate reflection of in vivo cell functionality.

“BMI’s track record of excellence in translational research and commitment to multidisciplinary studies makes it a great home for my research. I very much look forward to joining, to contributing to the Department, and to collaborate with my new colleagues,” says Ninna.

Ninna comes to BMI after 8 years of international research experiences at Stanford and Columbia University, and from a position as assistant professor from BRIC. In 2020, Ninna obtained a Lundbeck Foundation Experiment grant for the project “Vascularized Micro-fluidic Brain Assay for In Vitro Testing”, which she will conduct at BMI as part of the research theme Molecular Pharmacology.

Head of Department Cathrine Ørskov looks forward to welcoming Ninna Struck Rossen to the Department and says, “I find that Ninna’s line of research is novel and relevant to our Department, and I expect that Ninna will establish new and exciting collaborations with BMI researchers as well as with external collaborators".

Ninna will join the research in the research theme Molecular Pharmacology and will have her lab space at 22.5.​