29 April 2015

Anders Sondrup is new department administrator at BMI

From 1 May, Anders Sondrup will take over the position as department administrator at BMI after Jan Brønnum.

37 year old accountant Anders Sondrup will become the new department administrator at BMI. During the last 4 ½ years, Anders has worked as a special consultant, academic Anders Sondrupcoordinator and lecturer within in the field of external funding at the University of Copenhagen as part of the University Administration in Nørregade.

Previously, Anders has worked as financial consultant and chief accountant at Københavns Energi with management responsibility for 16 employees. Anders has a HD(R) from Copenhagen Business School and has concurrently worked as an accountant with Ernst&Young for several years.

"I look forward to becoming department administrator at BMI. I expect it will be a great challenge, and I look forward to getting closer to the research and education environment. It is very important for me that we as administration are effective and service-minded and thus help to create the best possible environment for research and education," says the future department administrator. However, he also expects having to spend some time getting to know the Department, the employees and his field of responsibility.

"Fortunately, I have the impression that BMI is a Department with a well-functioning administration so my job will partly be to help continue the good work", Anders finishes.