02 June 2017

New research project by Marianne Nissen Lund


Associate Professor Marianne Nissen Lund, who has a shared employment between BMI and the Department of Food Science, has recently received DKK 5.9 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research for a new research project.

The project will investigate how the quality of dairy products can be improved by using plant polyphenols – also known as antioxidants – and how the reaction products that are formed between proteins and plant polyphenols are absorbed into the body and affect our intestinal flora.

“Recent research suggests that you can inhibit Maillard reactions by adding very small doses of plant polyphenols to dairy products, but interactions between some types of polyphenols and various milk components can result in unwanted side reactions. The project will therefore also investigate which plant polyphenols are best used to improve the dairy products. Some polyphenols are less useful because they give a bitter aftertaste or discolour the dairy product” says Marianne Nissen Lund about the project.

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