14 June 2016

Lonnie Grove Petersen has received a Sapere Aude DFF- Reserach Talent Award

Postdoc Lonnie Grove Petersen has received a Sapere Aude Research Talent Award 2016 of DKK 144,000 from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

"While being in space, many astronauts develop deteriorations in vision and structural changes in the eye which resembles conditions known from patients here on earth with increased intercranial pressure. Therefore, NASA has developed a theory that the altered blood and fluid distribution when being exposed to zero gravity causes disruption in normal intercranial pressure and fluid dynamics, which implies that the intercranial pressure control depends on the gravity here on Earth, " Lonnie says and continues:

"Based in San Diego and in collaboration with research groups at NASA, this new research series will: 1) Contribute to fundamental new knowledge about the normal and the pathophysiological link between liquid distribution and intercranial pressure and blood supply 2) Introduce and validate the efficacy and safety of fluid shift towards the feet to reduce intercranial pressure and normalize fluid dynamics of both astronauts in space as well as neurological and neurosurgical patients in Danish hospitals," says Lonnie.

A total of 20 research talents in Denmark have received a Sapere Aude: DFF- Reserach Talent Award. In total about DKK 3 million has been awarded.