7 September 2016

New grants, September 2016

See which researchers at the Department of Biomedical Sciences who have received grants the last couple of months.

Professor Jens Juul Holst has received a Pre-seed grant on DKK 2,500,000 from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Professor Jens Juul Holst has received DKK 2,184,620 from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Health and Disease for a project entitled: “Regulation of pancreatic endocrine secretion, studied using isolated perfused mouse pancreas”. Read more.

Associate Professor Pontus Gourdon has received DKK 6,475,536 from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Health and Disease for the project “Unzipping ZIPs – an enigmatic family of zinc-transporting membrane proteins”. Read more.

Professor Cord Brakebusch has received DKK 1,489,450 from HRZ 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) for a project on “MRCK in Cancer”.

Associate Professor Bo Hjorth Bentzen has received DKK 864,000 from the Innovation Fund for the project “Quantum Sensing QUBIZ WP3”.

Associate Professor Abigail Mackey has received DKK 405,965 from the Ministry of Culture Denmark for a project on “Pre-treatment and ageing skeletal”.

Postdoc Carsten Haagen Nielsen has received DKK 949,884 from Arvid Nilsson’s Foundation for his project about “Targeting of aggressive cancer”.

Iben Rønn Veland has received a postdoc fellowship on DKK 1,322,036 from the Carlsberg Foundation for a project entitled: “Shaping actin networks in cell migration and trafficking”. Iben is a part of Marie Kveiborg’s research group.

Postdoc Mads Rosenkilde Larsen has received DKK 200,000 from the Health Foundation for the project “Synergi effecter af LlraguTide og træning”.

Assistant Professor Michal Marzec has received DKK 199,500 from Kirsten & Freddy Johansen’s foundation for the project “GRP94’s role in proinsulin folding”.

Associate Professor Pontus Emanuel Gourdon has received 136,926 from Brødrene Hartmann’s Fond for the project “Human health and disease”.

Professor Søren-Peter Olesen has received DKK 224,000 from the Danish Heart Foundation for research within “Characterization of ryanodine”.

Professor Jørn Wulff Helge has received DKK 385,488 from the Ministry of Culture Denmark for the project “Maximum fat oxidation”.

Professor Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen has received DKK 500,000 from JDFR for the project “Targeting mitophagy to prevent beta cell”.

 Professor Thomas Jespersen has received DKK 230,400 from the Innovation Fund for financing of PhD student Anders Sonne Munk. Anders’ PhD project concerns “Activation of Kv3 Channels”.

Research year student Anne Anker Nielsen has received DKK 75,000 from Aase & Ejnar Danielsen’s Foundation for her project “Bone modeling with GIP receptor”.