6 May 2020

From 1 May, Julien Ochala starts as associate professor at Department of Biomedical Sciences

New at the department

Julien Ochala will join the Exercise Laboratories at the Department of Biomedical Sciences from 1 May.

Julien OchalaFrom May 2020, the department’s research in the field of Muscle Physiology will be strengthened as Julien Ochala will start as associate professor in the Exercise Laboratories group at BMI. Julien’s research focuses on the understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms causing genetic muscle disorders and aging syndromes, testing exercise as a countermeasure, and providing sufficient knowledge to identify drug targets and to design novel therapeutic interventions in preclinical animal models.

“I am looking forward to joining BMI that has a long tradition of basic and applied muscle research with eminent scientists, well-equipped labs and the Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy (CFIM). I am also very keen on having more translational collaborations with clinicians in the Copenhagen area, notably at the Neuromuscular clinic of the Rigshospitalet and Bispebjerg Hospital” says Julien Ochala.

Head of Department Cathrine Ørskov look forward to welcoming Julien Ochala to the department and says: “I know that he will be a perfect match to the research and teaching at our department”.