19 May 2020

Five researchers receive a Lundbeck Foundation postdoc grant


First four researchers form the Department of Biomedical Sciences received the news that they had been granted a Lundbeck postdoc fellowship and now a fifth researcher also received the happy news. The five researchers are; Andrea Sorrentino, Christoffer Goth, Meral Ilcim Thestrup, Luke Gamon and Viktoria Bågenholm.

Each year, the Lundbeck Foundation supports a number of talented researchers with original ideas within health sciences with a postdoc fellowship.

For the latest application round in November 2019, the Lundbeck Foundation received 248 applications and 34 projects now receive funding. This corresponds to a success rate of 13.7%.

From the Department of Biomedical Sciences, 13 researchers send in applications and five have received a postdoc grant  which we can be very proud of.

The five researchers are:

Andreas SorrentinoAndrea Sorrentino

Project title: "Proteome dynamics in the heart regulated by Glucagon-Like-peptide-1 Receptor activation".

Total grant: DKK 2,285,900

Part of associate professor Alicia Lundby’s research group

Christoffer GothChristoffer Goth

Project title: "Glyco-Sulfo Barcodes of Chemokine Recognition".  

Total grant: DKK 2,343,442

Part of Professor Mette Rosenkilde’s research group

Ilcim ThestrupMeral Ilcim Thestrup

Project title: "Novel targets for atrial fibrillation drug development using zebrafish disease modeling"

Total grant: DKK 2,373,741

Part of Assistant Professor Pia Lundegaard's research group 

Luke GamonLuke Gamon

Project title: "Iodide as a potential therapeutic in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease".

Total grant: DKK 2,325,000

Part of Professor Michael Davies’ research group

Viktoria BågenholmViktoria Bågenholm

Project title: "Human CLC proteins: channels and transporters and their complex regulation grant DKK

Total grant: DKK 2,400,000

Part of Associate professor Pontus Gourdon’s research group