10 February 2016

Better food and drinks with proteins version 2.0

A large grant has been awarded for a new project headed by Associate Professor Marianne Nissen Lund. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of proteins and increase the quality of the food they are part of.

The project entitled “Second generation functional protein ingredients developed with gentle manufacturing tools (SPRING)” will be carried out over the next 4 years. The project aims to find a way for the protein ingredients to be produced and utilized so both taste and nutritional value will be improved, says Marianne Nissen Lund, who is research group leader of the group Food Chemistry at the Department of Biomedical Sciences (BMI).

The total budget of the project is approx. DKK 15.4 million of which over half of the funds have granted by Innovation Fund Denmark.  The additional funds have been awarded by Arla Foods Ingredients and Novozymes A/S.

Marianne Nissen Lund has a shared employment at Department of Food Sciences, Faculty of Science, and BMI, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. At BMI, she works closely with Professor Michael Davies’ group.