04 March 2015

Film about research project on weight loss and change of lifestyle

Why do some people succeed in changing their lifestyle towards a healthier life while others do not? This is the focus of a research project by researchers from Xlab with test subjects from Ubberup Højskole. See film on YouTube about the research project.

There can be many reasons why a permanent lifestyle change is a success or fails. Therefore, the research project is an interdisciplinary project where different factors are investigated, including physiological, psychological and social factors.

From the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Professor Jørn Wulff Helge and PhD student Sune Dandanell Jørgensen are responsible for the physiological part of the studies.

The research project started in January 2014 where a new group of people started at Ubberup Højskole.

See the film about the research project at YouTube – in Danish
”Produced by Henrik Kristensen, Ubberup Højskole”