28 September 2016

Bente Stallknecht has been appointed head of department and professor at BMI

As of 1 September, Bente Stallknecht has officially been appointed head of the
department at BMI. Moreover, Bente begins a permanent professorship in
health-enhancing physical activity at the University of Copenhagen.

Since 1 August 2015, Bente has been acting head of department at BMI. Now she can officially call herself head of department at BMI.

Since 2013, Bente have been professor MSO in physical activity and obesity. In connection with her appointment as head of department, a professor assessment has been made, and as of 1 September 2016, Bente has been appointed professor of health-enhancing physical activity at the University of Copenhagen.

"It is with great pride I accept to head BMI for the next 5 years. We have a strong department with a lot of skilled employees. The past year, we have been faced with challenges, in particular the budget cuts. As new acting head of department, I had to take on a difficult task. However, for me it has also been an interesting year, where I have fully gotten to know the department and its operation. I look forward to contributing to the department's development so that we can continue to be a competitive department with a strong teaching portfolio and a good working environment," Bente says.