7 June 2021

Benjamin AH Jensen will be new assistant professor at BMI

New at BMI

From July 2021, Benjamin Anderschou Holbech Jensen, will become assistant professor at BMI as part of the research theme Molecular Pharmacology.

​​Benjamin’s research focuses on diet-induced immune alterations exploring how dietary factors, gut microbial community structures and compartmentalized immunology synergize to orchestrate host immune-metabolism of both gastrointestinal and extra-intestinal origin (e.g. gut-liver axis). Benjamin has a particular interest in host defense peptides and their influence on host-microbe mutualism at the onset, prevention and treatment of immunometabolic dysfunctions. Benjamin has developed experimental systems tailored to model human disease with unmet medical needs, foremost to improve our molecular understanding of disease progression but also to identify hierarchical factors with therapeutic potential.

Benjamin comes from a position as international postdoc at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research. He recently received an NNF Excellence Emerging Investigator Grant – Endocrinology and Metabolism for the project “Host-Microbe Mutualism in Diet-induced Liver Disease: When Friends Become Foes”. With this grant, Benjamin will establish his own research group.

“I am overly excited about joining BMI this summer to establish a swiftly expanding group with a key focus on nutritional medicine. BMI’s multidisciplinary profile provides an extraordinary opportunity for innovative thinking in a collaborative environment. I can’t wait to get started on this journey and am looking much forward to stimulate scientific curiosity through mentoring, debate and teaching activities at the department and not least to establish cross-sectional collaborations with colleagues at BMI," says Benjamin.

Picture of Benjamin JensenHead of Department Cathrine Ørskov looks forward to welcoming Benjamin A. H. Jensen to the department and says: “I am really happy about Benjamin receiving this prestigious NNF grant and establishing his group at BMI. Benjamin has a very impressive track record including many international collaborations and a high focus on innovation. His translational mindset and approaches is a great match to BMIs research and I have no doubt that he will strengthen our research, teaching and innovation ".

Benjamin will join the research in the research theme Molecular Pharmacology and will have his lab on 22.5 and office space at 18.5.​