16 April 2021

As of 1 April, Allan Vaag has started in a professorship at the Department of Biomedical Sciences

New professor

Allan Vaag, who is leader of a research group in translational type 2-diabetes at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC), has become professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences as of 1 April.

Allan VaagFrom April 2021, the Department’s research in prevention of diabetes will be strengthened, as Allan Vaag, research leader at SDCC, has joined the department as professor in type 2-diabetes pathophysiology.  

”My research is building a bridge between the basic and clinical research in regards to the underlying reasons for type 2-diabetes. Therefore, I am looking forward to combining by work in the clinical environment at SDCC with a collaboration with the many talented biomedical researchers at the Department of Biomedical Sciences,” Allan Vaag says.

Allan Vaag’s research has focused on topics such as regulation of genes, epigenetic mechanisms and insulin signalling. With the employment of Allan Vaag, the Department’s research within type 2-diabetes will be strengthened.

”The biomedical research today takes place in a rapid pace and is in every way a critical factor in gaining more knowledge about why some people develop type 2-diabetes. It is also via biomedical research we must look for new biomarkers that can help us identify people with special needs in relation to preventing and treating type 2-diabetes and the long-term side effects of the disease,” Allan Vaag says.  

Allan Vaag has previously collaborated with a number of researchers at the Department and look forward to renewing the collaboration and also contributing to the teaching activities at the Department, including inspiring new research talents to work with type 2-diabetes.

The professorship is a shared position where Allan Vaag is employed with 20 pct. research and teaching responsibility at the University of Copenhagen. The remaining 80 pct. of his employment he will continue as research leader at SDCC.

”I am happy to welcome Allan Vaag to the Department. Allan will be working closely with the other groups within the research theme ‘Endocrinology and Metabolism’ and will for sure help strengthen BMI’s collaboration with the clinic in the field of diabetes and metabolism,” says Head of Department Cathrine Ørskov.