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PhD course

The symposium is certified as PhD course and merits 2.2 ECTS points (course number 3403-19-00-00). The course consists of lectures, student poster presentations and oral presentations.

Graduate students are highly encouraged to present a poster.
Students of Danish universities MUST register with the PhD administration.


The course gives an introduction to the physiological significance of ion channels and cover recent findings in ion channel research. Leading international scientists will present and discuss molecular studies of the function of ion channels, their regulation, biophysics, subunit interaction and pharmacology. Furthermore, the course will cover studies on the role of ion channels in cells, organs, in animals in vivo and in humans with dysfunctional ion channels caused by mutations making them prone to e.g. cardiac arrhythmia.
One of the unique features is that the speakers will be present during the entire meeting, so that PhD students are exposed to them not only during the lectures and poster session, but also at “round table sessions” during coffee and lunch breaks.

Keywords/topics covered in the course:
Calcium entry and calcium handling revisited;The mechanics of ionic currents – mechano-gating and the role of the cytoskeleton; Emerging techniques in ion channel research; Translational ion channel research – how basic research ideas make it to real life; Ion channels in metabolism

Learning goals

A student who has met the objectives of the course will

  • have insight in up-to-date knowledge about molecular basis ion channel function;
  • have insight in the cellular and physiological role of ion channels;
  • demonstrate and discuss own data in front of the renown speakers within the field;
  • put own research project into perspective of the ion channel research field;
  • develop contacts to arrange stays abroad during the PhD period (or network for possible postdoc opportunities).

Requirements for enrolment

There are no specific requirements but experience within one of the fields of the course will most likely increase the value of the specific knowledge being presented, hence the course is well-suited for students with basic background in ion channels, cardiology, neuronal physiology or metabolism.

We recommend that participants read review articles by the presenting international scientists as preparation to the course. Furthermore, participants are highly encouraged to present a poster about their own project. (For beginners, we recommend a poster outlining the overall project plan. Advanced students should present data.)

We will offer up to seven PhD students to present data as short oral presentation. Both poster and oral communications offer unique opportunities to discuss own ideas and data and to network with leading experts in the field.

Who should enrol?

The course is relevant for PhD students within the ion channel field, early-career medical doctors or anyone interested in ion channel physiology.

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