Strategy for the Department of Biomedical Sciences 

Based on UCPH's strategy – Talent and collaboration – the Department has prepared a goals an action plan, which will set the course of the Department for the next five years.

The strategy consists of four areas within which we have set a number of goals. The Department's goals for are:

1. Research. Attracting, developing and retaining academic talent

  • Develop and use an internationally recognisable and attractive recruitment and career system
  • Expand the framework for talent development at all career stages

2. Education. Closer ties to research and practice

  • Provide a strong framework for all academic communities to contribute to making programmes research-based teaching
  • Strengthen lecturers' teaching skills, including digital teaching skills, and ensure knowledge-sharing across academic disciplines

3. Collaboration and societal commitment – Nationally and globally

  • Develop our dialogue with industry and clinical partners in order to identify relevant collaborators
  • Increase external stakeholder awareness of the value of the Department's research and education

4. One unified and focused university. Organisation, employees and physical framework

  • Be an attractive work place with a healthy environment, both physically and mentally, by actively promoting knowledge-sharing, creativity, work enjoyment, and empowerment
  • Ensure good leadership, high-quality support and the best possible infrastructure at the department