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Strategy for the Department of Biomedical Sciences 

The Department's strategy, is based on the strategy for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences - Knowledge to Health - and sets the future course of the Department.


The Department of Biomedical Sciences delivers research of the highest quality. Its researchers undertake basic research that is clearly clinically related and aims to improve patient therapies in a wide range of fields. 

Action Plan for Research approved in April 2016:

  • Recruit and retain research talent

  • Facilitate attractive, ambitious, and dynamic research environment

  • Facilitate cross-disciplinary research in order to address broad research themes and complex problems

  • Promote collaboration with the clinic and industry

  • Strengthen international research collaborations

  • Increase the external funding of the research at BMI

See Action Plan for Research with specific action points


The Department of Biomedical Sciences delivers high-quality, research-based, clinically relevant teaching. Staff from the Department teaches on many of the Faculty degree programmes.

Action Plan for Education approved in November 2014:

  • Establish function as Vice Head of Department for Education
    Aim: Secure coordinated educational actions at department level
    As of 1 January 2016, Associate Professor Nicole Schmitt was appointed Vice Head of Department for Education.
  • Secure course quality
    Aim: Secure up-to-date knowledge about job profile, expectations, and education tools.
  • Secure teaching quality
    Aim: Obtain/maintain high level of teaching skills

  • Recruit PhD students and postdocs to teaching activities
    Aim: Involvement of PhD students and postdocs in teaching activities as an educative measure in line with the PhD guidelines

Download Action Plan for Education with specific action points


The Department of Biomedical Sciences strives for excellent relations with industry and our research is intended to contribute directly and indirectly to create value for society.

 Action Plan is being developed.


The Department of Biomedical Sciences strives to be an attractive place to work with a healthy working environment physically and mentally, and contributes actively to promoting creativity, work enjoyment and productivity among the staff. 


Action Plan for Framework approved in September, 2017:

  • Overall culture of the Department
    Aim: To actively promote creativity, work enjoyment, and productivity among the staff. To be an attractive work place with a healthy working environment, both physically and mentally.

  • Department structure
    Aim: To provide the best possible framework for biomedical and clinically relevant internationally recognized research, research-based teaching, and outreach.

  • Teaching
    Aim: To secure the framework for teaching of high quality at BMI.

  • Administration and leadership
    Aim: To ensure that the administration and leadership at BMI have the appropriate skills and knowledge, are service-minded, well-integrated, non-bureaucratic, and able to work in both Danish and English.

  • Physical infrastructure
    Aim: To provide top quality research laboratories, offices, and common facilities at BMI, e.g. meeting rooms, storage space (incl. room for freezers), quiet rooms, lunch areas, and student offices.

  • Technical and administrative staff
    Aim: To provide high-quality support at BMI.

See Action Plan for Framework with specific action points