Working at the department

Our staff are our greatest asset

The strength of the department rests on the interdisciplinary composition of its staff. The staff includes graduates in medicine and the natural sciences such as molecular biologists, specialists in bioinformatics, anatomists, physiologists, endocrinologists, pharmacologists, evolutionary biologists and clinicians as well as a strong team om laboratory technicians, bio analysts and administrative staff. Their individual expertise unites to create a lively, inspiring environment with research of the highest international calibre. The interdisciplinary nature of the department is evident in its extensive integration of basic and clinical research.

In the teaching field Department researchers deliver up-to-date research-based clinically-relevant pregraduate teaching and supervision in the field of biomedicine on a range of courses, and teach postgraduate students enrolled on the Department graduate school programmes. Our researchers are also active participants in a range of centres, core facilities and networks.

We care for our staff

We want to ensure the best setting for our staff. We know the importance of a good physical and mental working environment and so we have active collaboration and working environment committees.

We emphasise cooperation

To reinforce cooperation between management and staff we have set up a collaboration committee. It meets every two months. Its remit:

  • To get colleagues involved in efforts to achieve department goals and implement department strategy
  • To establish the personnel policy framework so that it promotes competency development and creates the will and motivation to attain department goals
  • To help to create the best possible working conditions and a healthy working environment.

Vacant positions

All vacant positions at the Department are advertised in the University of Copenhagen Job Portal. Visit the Job Portal