Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen

Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen


Professor Mandrup-Poulsen is a physician scientist, board certified in internal medicine and endocrinology, who serves as Professor of Medical Research Methodology at the University of Copenhagen and adjunct professor in Immuno-diabetology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. His research focuses on understanding inflammatory and oxidative beta-cell death leading to diabetes, and his discovery that proinflammatory cytokines cause beta-cell functional failure and destruction qualified him for the 1994 Oskar Minkowski prize of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. He has been leading PI or co-PI of EU and JDRF (USA) grants, three international multicenter clinical studies and had leadership roles in the data safety monitoring board/advisory boards in two international multicenter clinical studies. His group currently consists of 10 academics.


  • MD, University of Copenhagen (1980); DMSc, University of Copenhagen (1988)


  • 2007 - Professor in Medical Research Methodology, University of Copenhagen

  • 2000 - 2006 and 2009 - Adjunct Professor in Immunodiabetology, Dept. of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2009 -2011    Research chief physician, Hagedorn Research Institute

  • 1995 -2008    Chief Physician, Steno Diabetes Center

  • 1997-2000     Medical Director, Steno Diabetes Center

Scientific journals, societies, awards etc.

  • Associate Editor and Advisory Board member of Diabetologia (1995-2001)

  • Danish Society for Internal Medicine (Board Member), 1992-1997, President 1995-97

  • Danish Study Group for Diabetes in Childhood, Member of Executive Board (1995-2001)

  • Member of the executive board of the Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes (1994-1998), President 1998

  • Co-founder of the Øresund Diabetes Academy, 2003-2009, President 2007-2009

  • Oskar Minkowski Award of the European Association of Diabetes (1994)

  • Knud Lundbæk Award of the Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes (2001)

  • Member of the Executive Board, the Interleukin Foundation, USA (2010-)

Membership of major university committees, research councils, etc.

  • Danish Diabetes Association, Medical Research Fund Council (1995–2002)

  • JDRF Medical Science Review Board, NY, USA, (2001-2004, 2005-2008 and ad hoc member 2010-), 

  • Mary Jane Kugel Award of the JDRF (2004); EASD Minkowski Prize Committee (2002-2004)

  • Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM), Member of the Scientific Advisory Board (2004-2009)

  • Programme National de Recherches sur le Diabete  en France (PNRD), grant reviewer (2003-2005)

  • Member of the EASD Standardization Committee, Chairman (2005-2007)

Current research support

  • EU7FP, JDRF USA, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Danish Research Agency.



MD, DMSc, specialist in internal medicine and endocrinology

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