Liying Zhang

Liying Zhang

Videnskabelig assistent

Liying Zhang, MSc, obtained MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from State Key Laboratory Of Silkworm Genome Biology in Chongqing (China) focusing on exploring the sex control mechanism of silkworm. Liying has now chosen to enter the new field of protein structure biology. carrying out her PhD studies in Pontus Gourdon’s group at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). In her leisure time, Liying Zhang enjoys staying with friends and reading the novel of Martial Arts.

Primære forskningsområder

Now focused on the structure and function of membrane protein


The research projects during my undergraduate period make me fascinate the charming characteristics of the immune mechanism, especially the pathogenesis of cancer, tumor cells of immune evasion, invation and metastatic dissemination, the pathogens escape mediated by the DC-SIGN, autoimmune diseases and some other research about immune mechanism. And the formation of scientific thinking about the mechanism of regulation, practiced experimental skills and good habit of experiment I obtained during my master will make me start the research work sooner and better. I hope I can find the “complex passwords” in the immune mechanisms of molecular regulation to provide some inspiration for the treatment of some diseases. I will be accompanied by this belief on the road to explore the marvelous field of immunoregulation.

Aktuel forskning

Now I have worked on the structure of channelrhodopsin2(D156C). ChR2 is a light-gated channel with 7 transmembranes like GPCR. It was initially isolated from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and located the eyespot to sense the light. But now I have been working is with one amino acid mutation at 156 from D to C because it has very higher expression level and it has longlife time at the open state. It will be very useful to know the structure of it because it will will be helpful to the photogenetics and eye recovering and they are very meaningful for the development of techology.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Teaching Assistant. Southwest University 

Attended lectures; released notes; Assisted to manage the laboratory; Recorded the results of exams; provided assistance with the graduate about the progress of graduation; Integrate some accounts of laboratory

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