Thorkil Ploug

Thorkil Ploug


Thorkil Ploug’s main research focus is ”Biomarker discovery and clinical implementation within the area of personalized medicine and prevention”. Current activities are in 5 key fields:

  • Metabolic regulation (exercise, obesity, NAFLD/NASH and diabetes)
  • Ischemic and diabetic cardiovascular diseases
  • Inflammation and autoimmunity
  • Degenerative conditions (dementia, osteoarthritis and ageing)
  • Cancer (prostate and breast)

Thorkil Ploug is a member of the management committee for the European Union’s COST action CliniMARK: ‘Good biomarker practice to increase the number of clinically validated biomarkers’. He also serves as Director of Studies for the Master of Science programme “Human Biology”.

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