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07. december 2016

Teaching opportunities at the Department of Biomedical Sciences

Teaching during your PhD and postdoc - why should you care?

What's in it for you?

No matter if you want to qualify for an academic career or a career in industry or the clinic, being a researcher entails communication, teaching, and pedagogical activities. In addition to your expert knowledge for the job, you will be assessed by your ability to quickly grasp and explain complex content and your skills within communication, dissemination, and collaboration.

It’s very simple - participation in teaching activities trains these skills.

Going back to textbooks and refreshing the basics related to your research will give you new insights and new perspectives. Communication skills acquired through your teaching activities will be a huge plus – when networking at conferences or in a job interview. Dissemination skills together with being able to adapt to different target groups – priceless in your future work life.

What do we offer?

At BMI, we are heading a large number of undergraduate courses in all study programmes at the Faculty - from medicine to medicine & technology, odontology, human biology, health informatics etc. We offer opportunities to get involved in teaching in lab exercises or in the class room. Topics span physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, cell biology and much more.

We have created an online form to help finding a good match between your teaching preferences and the Departments' teaching opportunities - Complete your teaching profile form right away.

We offer regular workshops – Getting Started as Teacher - designed to help PhD students, postdocs and student teachers get ready for taking on the role as a teacher. The aim of the workshop is to give you some practical tools which you can use in the class room right away.

At BMI, we are committed to providing the framework for a productive teaching culture which in turn is key to securing quality of education. Therefore, we have developed a departmental PhD/Postdoc-programme for teaching. The program comprises a combination of (PhD) courses, workshops and peer supervision to warrant training in didactic coherence, dissemination, and communication skills. In coordination with your supervisor/PI, you might be eligible to join this programme at BMI.


If you want to know more about teaching opportunities at BMI, please contact our Vice Head for Education, Nicole Schmitt.

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