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04. juni 2013

Vacant master thesis project with the Ion channel group

We offer a Master thesis project that aims to delineate the molecular determinants for sodium channel trafficking to and from the plasma membrane. You will be trained in a number of techniques including in vitro mutagenesis, cell culture techniques, immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy.

Project in a nutshell
The sodium channel NaV1.5 plays a vital role in the cardiac action potential. It is therefore important that this channel is properly expressed in the plasma membrane. Mutations in the gene encoding the channel protein are associated with several heart diseases underlining its crucial role in cardiac physiology.

This project aims at delineating the mechanisms that control the cell surface localization of NaV1.5. The project is divided in two parts; (I) investigating the localization of different diseases causing mutations. (II) Investigating if a kinase pathway controls the localization of the channel and unraveling the underlying mechanism.

The project is suitable for a 1 y Master project in e.g. the study course human biology, but also for 2 y Master project in e.g. the study course molecular biomedicine. Anticipated start in autumn 2013.

Place of project and contact information 
The project is available in the Ion Channel Group, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, Blegdamsvej, 3, building 12.5., 2200 Copenhagen N. 

Supervision by postdoc Martin Nybo Andersen and associate professor Nicole Schmitt.

For further information, please contact Nicole Schmitt, phone: 35327448,