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Ion Channel Group

Ion channels
are gated pores in the cell membrane allowing selective passage of small ions and governing the electrical signaling of most cells.

Six principal investigators are working to clarifying key issues on the role of ion channels in the organism using complementary technologies. We focus on ion channels in excitable cells including the heart, the vascular smooth muscle and the nervous system. In the cardiac field we collaborate with clinicians at Copenhagen University Hospital - Rigshospitalet to understand the genesis of cardiac arrhythmia – especially atrial fibrillation.

We have access to all modern techniques from high throughput genetic, proteomic and pharmacological screening over biochemistry and molecular biology to functional electrophysiological techniques. Further, we have developed animal models for a number of ion channel-related diseases in small and large animals ranging from zebrafish to pigs.

The principal investigators are:

Nicole Schmitt

Professor (wsr)

Physiology of ion 

channel complexes

Søren-Peter Olesen


Bo Hjorth Bentzen
Associate Professor


Alicia Lundby
Associate Professor

Cardiac Proteomics        

Morten Salling Olesen
Associate Professor

Cardiac Genetics             

Hanne Borger Rasmussen

Hanne B. Rasmussen
Associate Professor

Membrane Trafficking