Section of Renal and Vascular Research – University of Copenhagen

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Section of Renal and Vascular Research

The section focuses on regulation of microvascular tone, renal hemodynamics and alterations therein during pathological conditions, intercellular communication in small blood vessels, gravitational physiology and regulation of blood pressure, mathematical modeling of vascular function and cardiovascular and renal pharmacology. 

The section consists of the following research groups:

Cardiac Physiology Laboratory
In the Laboratory of Cardiac Physiology we focus on regulation of membrane proteins, preferentially ion channels and receptors.

Research group leader: Associate Professor Thomas Jespersen

Jens Christian Brings Jacobsen

Vascular Modeling Laboratory
Research in the Vascular Modeling Laboratory is focused on integrative models of the microcirculation.

Research group leader: Associate Professor Jens Christian Brings Jacobsen

Olga Sosnovtseva

Biosimulation and Biophotonics
We combine innovative experimental techniques, new methods of data analysis and mechanism-based modeling to bring new insights into functional interactions

Research group leader: Professor Olga Sosnovtseva

Renal Hemodynamics
We investigate the regulatory mechanisms of renal blood flow (RBF) and glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

Research group leader: Associate professor Charlotte Mehlin Sørensen