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A PhD Seminar - for the students, by the students

With this PhD Seminar we aim to provide the students with hands-on knowledge and experience of networking, presentation and writing skills and an open forum to practice these skills. Furthermore, we aim to improving intra- and inter-departmental collaboration and communication between the students.

The PhD Seminar will consist of several oral presentations, flash talks and poster presentations by the participating students. Furthermore, Camilla Østerberg from the Department of Science Education will give advice on how to stay motivated during your PhD studies. And last but not least we have arranged for a social program afterwards.

Additionally, participating students will attend a workshop on the 26th of October given by presentation specialist Kirstine Dahl (Department of Science Education, UCPH) and scientific writing expert Christine Møller (Medical Manuscripts) to improve these fundamental skills.

The PhD Seminar is organized by students from the Department of Biomedical Sciences (BMI). Students from the Center for Protein Research (CPR) and DanStem have joined our initiative and will participate in this activity.

We hope to see many of you there to make this event a success that can hopefully be continued as an annual event for many years to come.