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24 November 2011

Great press coverage of Anders Malmendal's article on measuring the taste of canned tomatoes

After having published the article "NMR spectrometer as "magnetic Tongues": prediction of sensory descriptors in canned tomatoes", Anders Malmendal has received a great deal of attention in the international media. More than 6600 hits at Google and an interview on BBC World Update, it has come to so far.

The reason for the great press coverage is that the article shows that by using artificial sensors, food producers can measure and thereby improve the taste of their products.

The article is based on research which Anders has worked on together with Antonio Randazzo and Ettore Novellino at Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" in Italy. They have found out that by using NMR spectra, it is possible to measure taste in for example canned tomatoes.

Know each other from their time as postdocs
Anders and Antonio know each other from their time as postdocs. Their goal was to create new knowledge together. They got the inspiration for measuring taste in canned tomatoes from Antonio's wife who worked with sensory analysis (taste analysis).

In order to describe their work, Anders says:
"The methods we use are exactly the same as with "metabolomics". It is a method to measure the metabolites, namely small molecules such as amino acid and sugar, which are more or less pronounced in for example blood or urine when a person or a laboratory animal is sick or stressed. The only difference is that we analyze canned tomatoes with different tastes. Our results are a good example of how powerful and flexible a method like NMR is."

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