Clinical lectures in Faculty Club – University of Copenhagen

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Clinical lectures in Faculty Club

We invite you all to participate in lectures on clinical cardiac on Thursday 22 September.

Many of the key scientific questions in medicine emerge from clinical observations or problems. We can strongly support that notion after more than 15 years of fruitful collaboration between basic scientists at BMI and the clinical cardiologists. To form basis for new inspiring work we have now organized a series of lectures by cardiologists of which the first two are announced below. We will have 4 talks each semester given two at a time.

The idea is that the cardiologist gives a short introduction of about 30 min including questions to an area he/she works in, so it is more of an appetizer that you can use to follow up on if interested in details. Everybody is very welcome!

The program:

08:30-09:00: "Sudden Cardiac Death" by Consultant Juliane Theilade, Herlev Hospital. Juliane Theilade made, among other things, her doctor disputats within the subject of "Sudden Cardiac Death".  

09:00-09:30: "Cardiomyopathy" by Professor Henning Bundgaard, Head of Centre for hereditary heart diseases at Rigshospitalet (REAH). Cardiomypathy is the hereditary heart disease that REAH spends the most time focusing on.